Licensing, homologation, product registration and copyright protection is essential for the development of the activities of both manufacturers and operators. JMC is the first consulting firm specializing in regulatory affairs at the regional level.

Pre Compliance

In JMC we provide a complete legal service , covering different aspects of what legal to do, not limited only to regulatory matters. We provide corporate support , registration , tax and civil matters , among others.


In JMC we provide a complete legal service, covering different aspects of legal what to do, not limited only to regulatory matters. We provide support in corporate affairs, registration, taxation and civil matters , among others.

Performance and product analysis

We identify the right type of product you need based on the profile of the customer visiting your operation. Not all products work the same way in all casinos, and in JMC we know why. We configure products the right way, avoiding costly gamble for the player and maximizing the hours of usage and the average bet. We evaluate production indicators of a casino, correctly interpreting the data captured by an on-line system or direct reading in the venue, transforming them into information. With this service, the casino operator will have the qualitative and quantitative information needed for decision-making for the product management.


We develop integral marketing, both for the manufacturers and the operators of casino equipment. We create a concept based in which we develop the management and promotion of different products, as progressive systems and game programs, as well as customizing a casino, including decoration and and staff uniforms.


Accounting support for small and mid size companies is one of the services offered by JMC. Regualr accounting, monthly statements of financial positions and audits are included in the baseline of accounting services provided.