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President of Fecoljuegos resing

Presidenta de Coljuegos renuncia

The chairwoman of Coljuegos, Cristina Arango Olaya, it announced his resignation to the post to less than one month in order that it should expire two years in the entity. The news was publicized on Wednesday, the two of December across a letter that he presented to the Treasury Department and Public Credit, in which it makes clear that the principal reason of his resignation owes to that now it will occupy Emcali’s management (Municipal Companies of Cali).

Cristina Arango I recover the chairwoman’s post from January, 2014. After the news know, Coljuegos mentioned that during his mandate ” it was outlined for managing projects as the regulation of new games to increase the collection of resources for the health, the implementation of the program ‘ Connection on line ‘, a step to the modernization in the sector, and the increase, for the first time from the creation of the entity of the operative actions in opposition to the illegal game in Colombia “, detailed Coljuegos in his web page.

Before getting out of a jam itself as chairwoman, he exercised managerial positions in the Major Mayoralty of Bogota and in the Treasury Department and Public Credit.

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