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2nd meeting of businessmen from casinos and bingos

2do. encuentro de empresarios de casinos y bingos

FECOLJUEGOS announced in a statement on its website that the April 12, 2016 the second meeting of businessmen of Casinos and Bingos will be held. The main objective of this event is to promote legality in the gaming industry, which entails a commitment by all employers for better regulation.

As mentioned at this meeting entrepreneurs, regulators and overseers of illegality have the opportunity to answer all your questions regarding various issues of legality. In addition, it is intended that apart from the existence of the system of rules, there is cooperation and commitment among participants to achieve full professionalism.


On November 5, Coljuegos conducted an operation and 39 illegal electronic slot machines were removed in Cali and Medellin. These shares are held throughout the year in order to denounce and prevent these illegal machines continue to operate.

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