JMC Gaming Consultants
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We are the first multi-sector consulting firm for the casino industry in Latin America. We provide key in hand solutions for the different fields of the industry.

We strengthen strategies

We work together with regulators, manufacturers and operators, strengthening their strategies and increasing the quality of its services and products.

We provide solutions

Our services provide comprehensive solutions developed under a scheme of excellence and a methodology based on our extensive experience.

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JMC Gaming Consultants

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JMC Gaming Consultants is the first multi-sector consulting firm for the casino industry in Latin America, covering among others, accounting, tax , legal, regulatory , technological, marketers , operational and administrative aspects . Headquartered in Lima and regional offices in Panama City, Bogota and shortly in Mexico City, JMC Gaming Consultants has established itself as the largest and most important industry consultant in Latin America, ensuring correct results that give value to the business by applying adequate work protocols and contest of the most reputed industry professionals.

A great team.

A team of high level professionals with extensive and proven experience in the various fields of the gaming industry, is combined in JMC . Under the Corporate Direction of José Miguel Chueca, supported with the leadership of Federico Barrios Alain in Panama and Germán González Gélvez in Colombia, we count in each office with a select group of lawyers , accountants, engineers and supporting staff, in order to deliver comprehensive advice and services in every aspect of all our professional areas of interest.

Integral solutions.

Our expertise and offered services cover from the ellaboration of technical and administrative regulations, to the evaluation of technology platforms and the performing of benchmarking between products, including advising operators in the selection of the right product required for the floor. Our service proposal is based in offering key in hand solutions covering the entire range of needs from regulators, manufacturers and operators in the industry.

What do we do?

We assist regulatory agencies, operators and manufacturers which are part of the casino industry, when they need to develop, understand or enforce regulations, technical standards, administrative processes or require any other type of solutions to strengthen and transform its structures and strategies, whether they might be managerial, executive, operational or any other. With this, we raise the quality of its services and products they offer to their customers and audited entities.
Based on the knowledge acquired by our enriched education with extensive practical experience in the various fields of our industry, we offer a superlative level consulting and project development with the quality standard and control of the highest level, giving concrete, objective and feasible answers to be implemented and developed, all in the shortest time possible and with the highest quality of information, under a scheme of excellence based on four pillars:

Analysis of the situation

Our philosophy is to provide tailormade solutions to every customer, standing as far as possible from the general purpose recommendations and involving ourselves in the individuality of each situation. Thus we identify the cause, we understand the effects and we can create appropriate solutions that ensure meeting objectives and solving any possible issue found.

Multidisciplinary teams

In JMC we believe in the principle of having multidisciplinary teams working together with our customers. Only then we can deliver practical solutions that can be implemented with available resources and budgets, generating measurable and verifiable results without increasing investment, in order to grant the highest possible value .


During the development of our projects we implemented progressive stages of training that allows the successful implementation of our solutions, enabling knowledge transfer within the organization. This is a key tool in achieving success in our consulting.


In JMC we understand that transcendence is a success generator that last beyond time. Because of this, we aim to deliver a service which will trascend the customer further than the project itself.


Our mission is to provide the industry and gambling casinos with a consulting service of quality and a large scope, covering all areas of activity itself. For this, we offer the team of greater experience and knowledge of the region, the best customer service, the standard quality and the more demanding job.


To be the consulting industry leader in casinos and games of chance in Latin America, worldwide known as an organization with high standards of performance, with excellent management, professional and technological level, backed-up by the most skilled, motivated and proactive staff in the area, that has available the best infrastructure and technology for the development of your tasks, engaging in all high ethical, moral and social values, in permanent search for excellence to satisfy our customers as a provider of consulting and insurance dependable.


To contribute with the casino industry and gambling in the regulatory processes, compliance, operation and control, adding value at every link in the chain that defines the development of the business. We propose the creation of legal technical standards, administrative, and any other that may be suitable, with the premise of being achieved by the regulator and the regulated, whether it is the manufacturer, supplier or operator. We defend the clarity in the industry, equal competition and, above all, the faithful, unrestricted and unconditional compliance with legal and technical frameworks established by the appropriate authorities.

Customer driven

La voluntad de todo aquel que integre JMC para brindar lo mejor de sí en pro del crecimiento de la empresa, conllevando a su vez a su crecimiento profesional, debe tener como inicio y fin el servicio al cliente. Existimos por el cliente y es a él a quien nos debemos.


Discretion on the information received, found as a result of the analysis or as a result of the implementation of proposed solutions and methodologies and resources used, whether the genre they are, are a heritage of our clients and as such, we know JMCThey should always be treated in absolute confidentiality and unrestricted level as a sign of loyalty and professional ethics we practice.


What we seek in every employee of JMC is to assume the commitments generated from the tasks assigned by the company and the trust placed in us by the client.


In JMC we have deep respect for people, laws, authorities and our values, recognizing the skills, values and virtues of all those with whom we interact internally and externally.

Social sense

In JMC we are able to identify with reality and its social causes around us, understanding our contribution to the development of an equitable and just society, recognizing and knowing the entitlement programs by which we are able to bring tangible help and real time to more depressed and needy.


In JMC we say what we think and do what we say. Similarly we are receptive to criticism and advice and therefore develop adaptable and upgradeable solutions in time, so that our actions are consistent with our actions.


JMC collaborators are all united and partners together, regardless of the area to which they belong or office or country in which they are located. We are useful to each other and constitute, each of us, the first point of support for our co-workers.


In JMC we are governed our actions and relationships in an approach to absolute transparency. We are able to reporting internally and externally of our successes and failures with complete transparency, always with the tranquility of having acted in the right way and in accordance with the codes of personal and professional ethics.


For JMC and colleagues there are no differences between people. Regardless of creed, origin, sex, race or culture, we recognize all human beings as equals and taking it as a principle is that generated a healthy work environment, equal opportunities and development.

Respect for the environment

We rational use of resources, especially the environmental available, promoting the use of resources from renewable sources and generate savings in use, without sacrificing the quality of our solutions and increase the costs to our customers. In JMC we understand that the planet is only one and we must take care.



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Legal and Regulatory Accounts Head
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